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Integrative Approach

Integrative Counseling

Bring about meaningful change in your life

  • building happy and stable relationships
  • feeling content and confident
  • growing in self-acceptance and self-compassion
  • gaining insight into and handling difficult emotions
  • making important decisions
  • letting go of behaviours that no longer serve
  • working through loss and sadness
  • finding meaning in new phases (and places) of life

Some of the most common counseling goals that I have helped clients with, are

My approach is always client-based: fitting to your unique needs and qualities. It is also integrative, which means I take you into account as an entire human being: your thoughts, feelings, behaviour, body, imagination, within your social context and the life experiences and meaning you give to life.

Intuitively, we hold the answers to most questions inside ourselves, but sometimes we just can't get there or we feel stuck. Can you relate to this?

Or are you simply looking for a non-judgmental, empathic counselor who really listens to what is bothering you and takes it from there? Then you've come to the right place. 

Together we set up a plan and you will notice a shift in how you feel quite soon. Usually 5-10 sessions are enough to realise positive, lasting change.

Experience for yourself how effective and empowering counseling can be!

Client-based: You are central  


Are you ready for meaningful change?

then get in touch with me here, so we can start working together! 


Self-worth &  confidence

Grief & Loss

Love & Relation-ships

Stress, Anxiety & Burn-out

Personal Growth 

Freedom & Autonomy


Low mood & loneliness